Contact name: Ashley Wey


Three Ashley Wey Trio Albums:

'Starseeds'  2011

'Making Magic'  2014

'Live' 2017

Brief Synopsis: An original mix of jazz and acoustic pop music with strong roots grounded in tradition.



AShley Wey Trio

Synopsis of Ashley Wey’s music (Bio): 


Victoria’s pianist Ashley Wey celebrates the beauty of modern jazz with passion and improvisational joy, bringing the standards freshly back to life. The Ashley Wey Trio conceived in 2010,  this Victoria-based ensemble has built a large repertoire, and a strong group sound focused around intricate harmonies and melodies.

With three critically acclaimed self-produced albums to her credit, the captivating Wey returns to Victoria with her latest ‘Live’: an album filled with inventive ideas and breathtaking artistry. Most importantly, 'Live' is filled with music you'll want to hear and hear again.

Pianist, composer and singer Ashley Wey is a multi-faceted artist, who is highly regarded for both her playing and her writing. As a sideman, Ashley has performed with 2006 Canadian Idol winner Eva Avila, Juno Award-winning Brandi Distrehaft, Mae Moore, The Parachute Club as well as toured on cruise ships around the world with four-time Grammy Award winner, Manny Kellough.